Cross Flow Fan

Cross Flow Fan – How Is It Used And What Are Its Features?

A cross flow fan is used in the HVAC industry and is required mainly for the purpose of preventing overheating in components of the machinery in which it is used. It is specifically preferred by manufacturers when they have to design a slim-sized machine in which working parts need to be cooled. Its key feature is that it produces a laminar air flow and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is used in melting machines, automotive air cooling, drying machines, and much more. Since the design of the fan is so simple, it is used along with shaded pole motors.

About The Cross Flow Fan

This type of fan has an impeller that comes with forward-curved blades. The flow of air from this device is uniform across its length and the speed of the air is low, hence it works quietly. It works differently from radial fans because the flow of air is through the impeller and so it is crossways. When compared to other types of fans, the amount of air that is circulated through it is quite small. Another name for the cross flow fan is tangential fan. Some of the important properties of this fan are that it is compact, so it can be used in various types of machinery without worrying about its size. It also has a longitudinal design and a high pressure coefficient.

It is to be noted that this type of fan is quite long with regard to its diameter. It looks like a cylinder ad is best suited for machines where there is very little space to accommodate parts. The flow of air from it is two-dimensional, quite away from its ends. However, the delivery of air from this fan is uniform and it provides right angle air flow, so it can be installed in the corner area of a machine.

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