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Why Opt For The Backward Curved Fan In Your Machinery ?

In a backward curved fan, there is a cylindrical shape and large curved blades. It is also known as a radian fan, and they are centrifugal fans with fans that have backward curves. In addition to the blades, this fan also has a conical inlet nozzle. The rotation of the fan’s blades occurs clockwise, and when this happens, there is a pressure created on the blades of the impeller. They are designed to have heavy duty strength and come with a robust construction.

About Backward Curved Fans Features :

The main purpose of the backward curved fans is that they provide cooling even if the environment has high pressure. Its impellers are so designed that they are resistant to dust and dirt. They are also called "non-overloading fans" because even when there is a change in static pressure, there is no impact on the fan’s motor. Some of their important areas of application include clean rooms; conveying; drying; air handling units; and much more. Examples of industries that make use of this fan are pharmaceutical, marine, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, etc.

It is to be noted that this type of fan is capable of producing air volumes of about 9,50,000 CMH. It can work in temperatures that are about 550 degrees Celsius. The impeller strength in this fan is very high and is capable of providing a long life of output. A key point to note about these fans is that they offer the highest performance, but they consume less power. The curved blade of these fans enables them to work at a very high speed even if there is high static pressure. They are the most commonly used fan type in air pollution control applications such as dust collectors and scrubbers, while small-duty fans are modified to meet the specifications of devices such as boilers, burners, and so on.

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