Shaded Pole Geared Electric Motors

How Is The Shaded Pole Geared Electric Motor Useful In Commercial Appliances?

Out of the many types of motors used in appliances, an important one is the shaded pole induction motor. It is a single phase induction motor, which is self-starting and one of its poles is shaded by the copper ring. This copper ring also called as the shaded works like a second winding motor. It is to be noted that shaded pole motors are available in many different sizes and shapes. They are constructed in such a way that their rotation can be reversed by reversing the field.

Why Make Use Of The Shaded Pole Geared Electric Motor?

The shaded pole motor consists of a small motor, in which the copper ring on a portion of each pole makes up the auxiliary winding. a rotating magnetic field gets created when AC supply is applied to the stator winding. It is a versatile motor and can be sued in so many small devices. This motor can be used in pumps, polishing machines, business equipment appliances and much more. The gear is self lubricating which ensures that it works without producing any noise. The gears are match and well aligned on ground pins which are assembled into a die cast housing made from aluminum.

The shaded pole geared electric motor is required in devices that need a low starting torque. This is a motor that produces very small amount of torque, which is just some fifty percent of the complete torque load. It can be customized with optional features such as cooling fan, solder terminals, thermal protection, standing brass gear at the first stage. The design of this motor is such that it will be able to work efficiently even under the most demanding of situations, providing desired output. It is built to give a trouble free performance in the devices where it is used. This motor is suitable for low-power appliances because it has a low starting torque.

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