Shaded Pole Electric Motors

How Is The Shaded Pole Electric Motor Used In Commercial Applications?

One of the many small devices that are used in various equipment that are seen in homes and offices is the shaded pole electric motor. Its copper wing behaves as a means of secondary winding. It is possible for this motor to have two or four poles. The motor rotates only in one direction and is incapable of changing the direction of its movement. Thus, this motor is a self-starting single-phase type wherein the main pole is shaded by external winding, also called a shaded band. Its operation involved the main winding carrying alterative current, creating in the stator coil a magnetic flux.

The Benefits of a Shaded Pole Electric Motor

  • • It is opted for primarily due to its simple construction.
  • • Its motor is self-starting and one of its poles is shaded using a copper ring.
  • • It has a simple construction and does not require much maintenance effort.
  • • It is low-cost and is used in a number of applications requiring small levels of power.

Some of the many ways in which a shaded pole electric motor is used include exhaust fans, cooling fans, refrigeration equipment, table fans, record players, photocopying machines, tape recorders, etc. In these applications, the motor required must be one that is small and operates for a short period of time. Some of the many parts of this motor include a stator, copper band, and rotor.

It is to be noted that the motor’s speed is inversely proportional to its number of poles. It produces very little starting torque, about half of the full load torque. Only those devices that need a low starting torque will make use of this motor. It is an affordable motor, one that is very strong, rugged and does not need a centrifugal switch.

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