Customized Electric Motors

Motor Modifications Helps Customize Motors According To Specific Working Needs

Delco is known for customized Electric Motors. We perfectly understand machine manufacturers exact needs. Drive part and assembly is a main challenge for building any machine

If you have a standard motor, it might not suffice in terms of features and functionality. Manufacturers are always ready to assist through customization wherein whatever is needed for your activities can be accommodated in the machinesfunctions. Motor modifications have assisted many companies in getting specialized motors that work according to their specifications.

Why Opt For Motor Modifications?

One of the most common types of Motor Modifications is making it vibration free because it makes the area less noisy. Yet another request from clients to manufacturers is having a shaft extension, flange and mountings according to their own standards and not what is usually available. Some companies need a motor with a shaft that is slightly long or short. In some cases, the clients require that the shaft have an extension from the other side of the motor’s drive end, else they cut down on its length. Another common requirement is combining the c-face with a double shaft by which a motor is created that can be used in a brake.

Customizations added to motors to make them more suitable for a client’s needs include giving them those qualities by which they are able to manage the pressure of extreme environmental conditions. For example, introducing weatherproof coating is critical, as is making the shaft out of stainless steel rather than the standard material and even adding seals to shafts. case of high temperature applications, it is not uncommon to see high temperature windings and insulation being added on to enhance the durability of the motor. In some situations, manufacturers change the location of the conduit box and capacitors of a single-phase motor, or else bring in an on/off switch either on the motor, or else the cord or plug.

Application Area :

  • • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • • Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • • Industrial Furness

Such modifications enhance the versatility of the motors and make them much easier to work with. Delco Fans Pvt.Ltd. is greatest and finest Motor Modifications service provider in mumbai, India. We are serve this Motor Modifications service in all over countries. If you want this service please quote Now!

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