Centrifugal Blowers ( Single Inlet )

We design & manufacture in our own factory Axial, Centrifugal fans / Blowers / Exhausters. A large range of stsndard Models covering most user requirements are generally available. However in situations are needed, our design & development will produce individual units designed for the specific requirements. Our production control department tests each stage of manufacturer to ensure quality & reliability.

Sailent Features
1. Rotation - Clockwise as seen from suction side
2. Protection Class - IP44 when being installed
3. Bearing - Maintenance free ball Bearings
4. Insulation Class - Insulation class "B" if not otherwise stated
5. Built in thermocontact provided on request
6. Earth lead brought out
For Blower Selection
Customers are requested to furnish following details which will help to design a suitable blower / exhausters for exact requirements.
Free Delivery Of Air

1. Blocked pressure
2. Motor Power
3. Speed
4. Voltage
5. Phase Single / Three
6. Direction of Rotation - Clockwise / Counter Clockwise
7. Inlet air control - Yes / No
8. Inlet Air filter - Yes / No
9. Space available for mounting the unit

Type DE 25 CF Type DE 25 CB Type DE 17 CB
Single Phase, 230VAC, 50 Hz
Frame - 63
Power - 40 W
Out Put Speed 2250RPM
Air Flow 125cfm

Housing - M.S. Sheet Metal
Impeller - Aluminium

Axial Fan - Single Phase / Three Phase, both end sealed bearings