A.C. Single Phase Capacitor Run / Three Phase A.C. Geared Instrument Motors

Delco offers single phase capacitor run & three phase geared instrument motors. Totally enclosed face / foot mounted, fan cooled, of wide variety & range to meet trouble free application for original equipment manufacturers.
Worm Geared Motor

Worm Geared Motor

Construction Features:
• Ball bearing to motor and Gear Box also
• Shaft dia(max. 15 mm) & length to suit
• Output shaft drive clockwise/ counter clockwise
• Motor-single phase capacitor run/Three phase 50 Hz
• Motor power 1/20 to 1/8 h.p.
• Out-put shaft perpendicular to Motor-Downward/upward or sideways
• Ratio's available -10 ,16,24,38,48
• Torque max. - 150 kg. cm.

Feature :
• Low noise Gear design
• Compact size with strong output
• Wide variety available
• Long life expectancy
• Many more products to come.

Worm Geared Motor

Helical Geared Motor


Worm Geared Motor

Construction Features:
• Closed Aluninium cast housing
• Motor-single phase capacitor run/three phase & motor power- 1/20 to1/8 H.P.
• For type DFGK ratio's available - 5.3,10,15.5,19,24
• For type DFGI Ratio's available - 25,28,35.
• Torque max. 50kg. cm for type DFGK and 40 kg.cm. for type DFGI
• Available in 56 & 63 frame size.
• Out-put shaft drive-clockwise/counter clockwise

Worm Geared Motor
Worm Geared Motor

Double Reduction
Geared Motors
also available
Worm Geared Motor Worm Geared Motor Worm Geared Motor