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Electric Motor - Fractional Horse Power Single Phase / Three Phase A.C.

Fractional Horse Power Electric Motors

After prolonged experiments tests and trials, we have developed most ideal Primeover - "Delco" Fractional Horse Power - Special Purpose, Custom Built Electric Motors, to meet individual requirements considering H.P. size, shape, shaft details, special mounting arrangement if any etc. Ideal for hundreds of air moving or light mechanical duty applications.

Aluminium Die Cast Housing Type DFA

FHP Electric Motor
FHP Electric Motors
Three Phase Electric Motor
Single Phase Electric Motor
Single / Three Phase Electric Motor

Construction Features

  • Moisture resistant winding system & stator assembly are designed to provide more power in less space.
  • Class of insulation "F" Available in two, four & six pole, capacitor start & run single phase & three phase design 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Shaft dia & extension either on one or both ends as per the requirement. Shaft of EN 8 or S.S. Motor totally enclosed in aluminium cast body & end shields.
  • Bearing - ball bearing
  • Bearing - ball bearing
  • Protection class Ip 44, when being installed
  • Built - in Thermocontact provided on request or Impedance protection

Mounting Types

  • Rigid base - Motor solidly fastemed through metal base
  • Face or Flange - As per customers requirement with tapped holes for rigid Mounting.
  • Wide range of custom built motors available in 960, 1440 & 2800 RPM. Single / Three phase, from 1/50 H.P. to 1/4 H.P. For motors selection. suctomers are requsted to furnish complete engineering data with electrical specification, which will help to design suitable motors for exact requirements.
fhp motor
fhp motors
fhp motors india