A.C. Shaded Pole Motors

A.C. Shaded Pole Motors
A.C. Shaded Pole Motors
A.C. Shaded Pole Motors
All values based on a 25% duty cycle or continuous duty with a 65 mm dia. cooling fan mounted on the rotor shaft.

Application Areas :

• Instrument Fans
• Geared Motors
• Medical Equipment
• Stirrers
• Blowers
• Office Equipments
• Appliances
• Pumps

Engineering Design :
"Delco" motors are designed specifically for customs design to your specification. Complete engineering for just the right OEM motor for the exact torque and speed to fit your specific design need.

Economical :
Our improved tooling, production and rigid inspection at all stages assures your original equipment long life operation and at lowest cost possible.

All Purpose Gear Motor :
After prolonged experiments tests & trials we have developed most ideal Primeover DELCO FRACTIONAL HORSE POWER SPECIAL PURPOSE ELECTRIC MOTORS to meet the strictest performance demands for long life and trouble free application for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Specification :
• Most compact in design to accomodate largest horsepower.
• Available in two Pole, single phase design.
• Wide range of motors from 5 watts to 35 watts.
• Materials used are guaranteed for quality & reliability.
• The temperatire rise is limited to 400C.
• Single Phase, 2Pole, Skeleton Type, 220 / 230vac, 2880 RPM

Salient Features :
• Horizontal or vertical mounting to suit customer's needs.
• Mozac die-cast bearing arms at each end.
• Motor with ball bearings only.

Optional Features :
• Thermal protection
• Stainless shafts
• Cooling Fans
• Lower Voltages of required
• 6" Aluminium Blade